Worker Online Self-Management and training integrated into poll worker management

Poll Worker Management System (PWMS)

Election administrators face the challenges of organizing a small army of poll workers. PollChief Election Management Software dramatically slashes the time to hire, train, assign, assess, and pay poll workers.

  • Stunning Communication
    • PollChief Election Management Software will inform each poll worker of all training assignments or Election Day assignments via letter followed up by e-mail and/or telephone call, and will additionally remind them of these assignments on the night before. PollChief® Election Management Software will inform the elections staff of each poll worker's response to the telephone contacts. PollChief can even place a wake-up call to all the poll workers simultaneously in the morning of the election day.
    • Our communication tools make tedious tasks simple.  Replace mailed communications with mass e-mails, mass text messages, or mass phone calls incorporating survey and response capabilities, saving labor, time, postage, and supplies. When hardcopy mailed communication is essential, speed and simplify the process with pre-designed templates.

  • Manage Training
  • Poll Worker Training Class
    • PollChief Election Management Software enables users to see which poll workers need which types of training.
    • PollChief Election Management Software schedules training classes and invites all the appropriate trainees in less than a minute.
    • PollChief Election Management Software telephones the students the evening before their classes to remind them to attend, without squandering staff time or postage.
    • PollChief Election Management Software scans in the attendance of each trainee.
    • PollChief Election Management Software informs you which poll workers are trained in each category.
    • Before the class, PollChief® Election Management Software generates the class roster and after the class, generates the class attendance report. This advantage allows you to review who was absent and to reassign them to the next convenient training class.
    • PollChief Election Management Software reports which students attended and which missed the class.
  • Accommodate poll workers
  • Poll workers' home addresses are displayed on a map along with the polling sites, allowing you to consider proximity when assigning them. This advantage reduces inconvenience to the election judges, increases their satisfaction with the job, and makes it easier to retain them for future elections.
    Accommodate poll workers
  • Insightful assignment of poll workers
    • PollChief Election Management Software informs users of each poll worker's training, experience, previous assignments, past performance, complaint history, and party affiliation, enabling elections staff to make informed choices about election judge placement.
    • Instead of searching throughout thousands of poll worker records, PollChief's extensive search engine allows you to find the individuals that meet one or many of these specific qualifications.
  • Accurate attendance records
    • PollChief Election Management Software generates bar codes to track poll worker attendance at training as well as at the polls.
    • Bar code scanning speeds the process of taking attendance. It can scan hundreds of poll workers within minutes. No more updating spreadsheets or tedious handwritten documentation needed. It reduces the line-up at the door to the training class or polling center.
    • Each scan includes a time stamp, recording when workers arrive and when they leave. This function provides a more thorough analysis of each worker's attendance.
  • Mapping integration
  • The color change of the symbols on the map will alert the staff if the location has been fully staffed.
  • Well-managed and secured data
  • Unlike most current elections department programs, which allow any staff member to modify or to anonymously copy the data from Microsoft Excel or Access programs onto flash drives, PollChief protects the election judge data in a variety of ways.
    • a. Entry into the program is password protected.
    • b. Access to different levels of the program is restricted to appropriate personnel levels.
    • c. Each data change is logged and tagged to the staff member who made the change.
  • Multiple elections management
    • Unlike most jurisdictions, PollChief® Election Management Software is able to manage multiple elections easily. Each election has its own set of polling locations, district/precincts, job classifications, pool of poll workers, inventory packages, and so on. Each election is maintained in its own history file.
    • Once an election has been completed, you can lock the election and store it for viewing.  Although the election can be used as a template for future elections, no further changes can be made to the election that has already been held, which keeps the data secure and official. 
  • History dataset saved as template for future elections
  • Do you ever want to go back a few years to review an election? Most current systems cannot do so because they can keep only one set of classifications, poll locations and related street addresses. PollChief® Election Management Software keeps a frozen set of information from each election and allows your election department to use it as a template for future elections.
  • Remote laptop console
  • PollChief® Election Management Software allows you to scan into a laptop console to take attendance, record new poll workers, and download/upload data from/to Poll Worker Management System (PWMS). No internet access needed!
  • Budgeting tool
  • Once you've determined the staffing levels and pay rates, PollChief® Election Management Software calculates the poll worker payroll budget instantly. Users can review the budget for one specific staffing level or all the levels.
  • Reporting module integrated
    • PollChief® Election Management Software allows you to create reports reflecting the poll worker data you need. Recurring reports are filed in templates.
    • Instantly pull up reports to review staffing requirements at one or multiple poll locations, training class rosters, and the final payroll report.
    • Report content is instantly updated throughout the system to match the recent changes.
  • Payroll Performance
    • PollChief® Election Management Software uses the preprogrammed pay rates and the scanned-in attendance records to export the poll worker payroll to finance.
    • With the scanned-in attendance report, users can review the time of each scan, which makes it easy to dock payments if someone was late to work.
  • Complaint module Integration
  • PollChief Election Management Software has a comprehensive complaint module with different interfaces for taking complaints, investigating, and approving the final conclusion. This function helps the department reduce complaints due to poll worker problems. The system can quickly give users an idea of who should not be re-hired and who needs extra training due to their poor work performance at the past election.
  • Internal communication
  • Calendar is available for posting deadlines, notes, and content that needs to be shared between every PollChief user.

In conclusion, PollChief® dramatically improves poll worker management. Click here to arrange for a live demonstration.

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