City of Minneapolis, Minnesota

— The City measured its poll worker administration time comparing the previous general election (2014) to their first general election with PollChief® 2016.

The system saved 80 minutes per poll worker – 46 minutes in recruitment and coordination plus 34 minutes in payroll preparation.

Adams County, Colorado

— “Payroll was very smooth on our end! Very happy with the system when it comes to payroll. What would have taken us a few weeks after the election was taken care of within a day on our end” and … “the payroll system and the communication element for and with Judges were stars of the program! I want to especially point out the willingness on the part of your team to work with our county payroll personnel to create the seamless payment process. We have heard nothing but accolades from them regarding this facet of our election.”

Loudoun County, Virginia

— ordered the system only six weeks before the election. The Election Coordinator reported that he reduced poll workforce coordinators by half, reduced poll worker no-shows by 80%, trained his clerks by posting their manuals in their personal portals, and processed and exported payroll in only 2 days for his 700 poll workers.

Prince William County, Virginia

— the Assistant Registrar reports that 70% to 80% of all his poll workers used the Online Training Portal to sign up for their training classes. He said that the call center/help desk worked perfectly. His new first-time-ever operators learned it quickly with no problems, the voter upload went well, and the trouble-ticketing went well.

Detroit Elections Coordinator

— “This is the first election that I have been involved in in my over 25 years that we have not had to make an adjustment because a person went to training and we missed it”.

Detroit City Clerk

— PollChief® reduced Detroit's poll worker management time by 50%, reduced the payroll time 75%, and reduced the poll worker complaint hotline calls from 315 in 2008 down to one in 2009. The unique design and features of PollChief® are so innovative, so different from any other election programs anywhere that City of Detroit Department of Elections has become a showcase for the Office of the City Clerk.

St Charles County, Missouri

— the Election Assistant finished payroll for 700+ workers in less than three days. Asked whether she was happy, thrilled or ecstatic, she said "All three".

Alachua County, Florida

— the Director of Operations says inventory check-in and check-out took less than a third of the time using the asset management system.

Leon County Florida

— The Asset management software improved inventory management, logistics planning, budgeting, chain of custody management, voting equipment maintenance, usage histories, delivery scheduling, etc. Deployment mistakes have become a thing of the past, and resource planning and assignment is a much simpler task from election to election. Temporary staffing and overtime for permanent staff has been reduced. We have turned our practices and procedures to a high degree of confidence.

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